Online Advertising Campaigns

Online Advertising Campaigns

Already have your website optimized? Want to drive more traffic? Want to track your return on investment? Paid advertising can get you the traffic you want.

Have you ever see those links on the right side of your search result on Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Those are paid advertisements. These ads can drive additional traffic to your website. The way that this works is that the ads, when clicked, take a user to your website. You bid on the price you will pay if someone clicks on your ad. The higher the bid the higher the placement of the advertisement will be placed. You can also bid on placement if you don’t want to be at the top. You can also set up a maximum bid with a daily budget. This helps to minimize the cost on a monthly basis. When an ad is created, the more relevant the content on the landing page the cheaper the cost per click. These ads can also appear on other websites with similar content.

Design Implement can help create a powerful online advertisement campaign for you.

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