Website Tracking & Analytics

Website Tracking & Analytics

Want to know who is coming to your website, how they're getting there, and what pages they viewed? Want to track those visits? We can help you.

With website tracking and analytics you can get daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Basic Analytics

Design Implement can help you. We can setup an Analytics account so you can track where your visitors come from. See what source they use to find you. Are they coming directly to you, or from search engines? See what keywords they searched with. See how long they stayed on your website, or which pages they viewed the most. Set up goals and conversions. If you want visitors to view a certain page, you can set up a goal to see how and if user complete that goal. Set conversions for advertising. This helps track clicks for your return on investment.

Enhanced Analytics

Benchmarking allows you to compare your website to other website of equal size in the same market.

Most Common Solutions

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